Quality Environmental Consulting  Since 1990

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Green Environmental Management offers a full line of comprehensive professional services, ranging from routine testing and monitoring, to full-scale environmental assessment and remediation efforts.  A brief summary of our services includes:
- Sustainable Design	- Subsurface Investigation 
- Wetlands Evaluation	- Environmental Site Assessments		
- Underground Storage Tank Management	- Soil and Ground Water Remediation
- Risk Assessment	- RCRA Facility Management/Investigation	
- Environmental Permitting	- Remedial Action Plans/Feasibility Studies 
- Environmental Restoration 	- Alternative/Beneficial Use of Solid Waste
- Safety Training	- Regulatory Negotiation/Client Liaison
- Environmental Auditing	- Health and Safety Management
- Sediment Management	- Remediation System Design/Implementation
- Solid Waste Management 	- Contaminant Fate & Transport Modeling
- Environmental Liability Reduction	- Drinking Water Compliance Monitoring	
- Wastewater Permitting & Monitoring	- Property Transfer/Due Diligence		
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